Beyonce Gets Artsy In New Pepsi Promo Shots

Sam Lansky | February 21, 2013 1:22 pm

Beyonce is serving up some crisp, carbonated retro style in the promo shots for her new Pepsi campaign, complaints about the hypocrisy of a role model endorsed by Michelle Obama accepting millions of dollars to be the face of a product that contributes to childhood obesity be damned! The pictures are high-color and posterized like vintage Warhol prints — heavy on the red and blue, per the colors of the Pepsi can — and, well, that megawatt smile seems well worth the $50 million she was paid as part of the deal. It’s no ARTPOP, but it is, in fact, pop art.

As her contemporary Nicki Minaj once famously asked: Is this how Marilyn Monroe felt? See the full ad after the jump.

Beyonce Pepsi Promo Shots