Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” Remixed By Karmin, And Rap May Be Damaged Beyond Repair

Carl Williott | February 25, 2013 1:10 pm

Some people find Drake’s voice annoying. Which is fair. But after listening to Karmin‘s remix of his latest single “Started from the Bottom,” even the most rabid Drake hater will be PRAYING to hear that Canadian’s nasally flow. In other news: yep, Karmin. Still a thing!

In this reworked track, the duo’s lead sing-rapper Amy Heidemann delivers what can only be described as the low mewling of a tired cat, all blase confidence, but you’re just like, “What’s with this cat, why’s it so cocky?” She drops lines about how Karmin were on SNL before they even had a debut album. Which is fair. She also name-drops Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks, as though they are her peers, which is almost too traumatizing for us on a Monday. But then! She raps about how Rolling Stone gave them a one-star review, so…take that, haters?

This remix is powerful, no doubt. It has the power to make the most stubborn hip-hop heads gain a new appreciation of Ke$ha‘s MC skills. Hear it below. And just so you have it at the ready, here’s Wiz Khalifa‘s remix, a light sorbet to rid your palate of that onion-y burp-up aftertaste.

Karmin — “Started From The Bottom” Remix

We will say this: The whole time, we were bracing for that grating “cheerio!” but it never came. IT NEVER CAME. How can the world be so wonderful, and yet, so cruel and uncaring at the same time?

[via Rap-Up]

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