Beyonce Ticket Sales Cause Stampede In Manchester: Report

Sam Lansky | February 26, 2013 6:12 am

Hey, Beyhive: Relax. According to an (admittedly hysterical) article in the Manchester Evening News about Beyonce‘s upcoming Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, a line of fans patiently waiting to purchase tickets in the UK turned into a violent stampede as gangs stormed the area. (They must have been Keri Hilson fans.)

Said one fan: “I stayed in the tunnel outside the Arena to avoid being crushed when all hell broke loose at about 5am… Children were getting crushed and screaming. It was horrible. By far the worst night of my life.” Another fan added, “It was really horrible. It was intimidating and frightening — one of the scariest nights of my life… We were all so excited about seeing Beyonce — we love her — but this was more like a nightmare.” (A beautiful nightmare, perhaps?)

A spokesman for the Manchester Arena noted, “We strongly advised all customers not to travel to the venue box office as tickets could not be guaranteed due to the anticipated high demand.” (So, basically, if you liked it then you shoulda put a presale on it, or whatever.)

In all seriousness — sure! We’d love to see Beyonce. Beyonce puts on a killer show. But “Children were getting crushed and screaming” is not a sentence that should appear in the context of anything having to do with a Beyonce concert. A Beyonce concert should be about joy, empowerment and the most expensive weaves you’ve ever seen, not the gruesome choirs of children screaming in agony. Anyway, if there’s a lesson here, it’s this: Stay home. Buy your tickets online. A Beyonce concert is not worth losing your life. (Unless they’re really, really good tickets.)

[via Manchester Evening News]