Justin Timberlake And Mumford & Sons’ Marcus Mumford Collaborated On A Song

Carl Williott | February 26, 2013 10:05 am

At first glance, the headline that Justin Timberlake collaborated on a track with Marcus Mumford may seem like a totally random happening, an example of the infinite chaos and endless alternate realities that could play out in this vast universe. But it’s actually much simpler than that.

Justin Timberlake has a role in the new Coen brothers film Inside Llewyn Davis, as does Mumford’s wife Carey Mulligan. While shooting the film, eventually JT met the Mumford & Sons frontman, and he says they became good friends and recorded music for the soundtrack. “Marcus and myself we all kind of worked on the music together and I don’t know any other world where we would have the opportunity to collaborate like that but it was so much fun,” Timberlake told Capital FM. “So not only will that be a great movie, but the music to it will be fantastic.”

The film is about the folk music scene in New York City in the ’60s, and T-Bone Burnett produced the soundtrack, with Marcus Mumford as associate music producer. Burnett previously produced the music for the Coen brothers film O Brother, Where Art Thou?, and both the movie and the soundtrack were critically acclaimed.