One Direction’s Harry Styles Gets Hit In The Groin With A Shoe & Falls Down: Watch

Sam Lansky | February 27, 2013 9:09 am

This video of Harry Styles from One Direction is sort of a win-win: Fans of the band will no doubt be enthused about footage of anything having to do with Styles’ groin, while the schadenfreude-y among us probably enjoy watching the boy band heartthrob in pain. At any rate, this clip — taken last night during 1D’s tour stop in Glasgow — shows a fan trying to get Styles’ attention by throwing a shoe up on stage. Gamely, he picks it up. No foul, right ladies?

But then the other shoe comes hurtling toward him, striking him in his nethers. Oh no!

He then falls to the ground, although it’s not clear whether he’s actually in pain or just gunning for the sympathy of his adoring fans.

“Well, he’s just been assaulted,” Liam Payne notes sagely. If a shoe to the crotch hurts this bad, imagine how crippled he’s going to be by the agony of a vicious Taylor Swift revenge anthem. Watch up top.

[via Gawker]