Cher Announces Album Delay Via Ridiculous Tweets: “I Am Older Than Fire & Twice As Hot”

Carl Williott | February 28, 2013 10:47 am

After a fan tweeted at Cher today (February 28) saying she didn’t think the singer’s new album would actually see the light of day in March, Cher responded with news of the album’s delay. The LP, which includes a duet with Lady Gaga and songs written by Pink, has been pushed back to September now, according to Cher’s tweet. And of this prospect, Cher said, “SHOOT ME.”

The legendary performer then decided to lay into the fan who (correctly) doubted her ability to release the album on schedule, Twitter-yelling: “and from the bottom of my heart ….. Fk YOU.” But it seemed to be all in good fun, as Cher went on to respond to followers in hilarious, often self-deprecating fashion to vent her frustrations with the delay. Cher is already a music icon, but head below to see why she’s becoming a Twitter icon, too.