David Bowie’s ‘The Next Day’: Stream The New Album Today (And For 11 More Days!)

Carl Williott | March 1, 2013 6:07 am

David Bowie shocked the world when he announced a new album was imminent and quickly released two singles. (OK so maybe he didn’t shock the world, that would’ve required that he show up decked out as Ziggy Stardust once again.) First song “Where Are We Now?” was a piano-and-guitar ballad released on his birthday in January, followed by “The Stars (Are Out Tonight),” a more driving track with a creepy Tilda Swinton-starring video. And now the Thin White Duke is treating fans to a free stream of the entire new album, The Next Day, from now until its proper release on March 12.

So, is it a return to his genre- and gender-bending form? Is it another embrace of the avant-glam or a safe late entry in the twilight of his career? Go find out! Head over to iTunes to hear Bowie’s first new record in almost a decade.