Justin Timberlake’s ‘The 20/20 Experience’ Is Produced Entirely By Timbaland

Christina Lee | March 1, 2013 10:02 am

“It’s all me and Tim,” Justin Timberlake says of The 20/20 Experience — as in, his third album was produced entirely by Timbaland. Given the producer’s hand in Timberlake’s previous solo material (Justified‘s “Cry Me a River,” ten of FutureSex/LoveSound‘s 12 tracks produced), the news isn’t a surprise, but perhaps a guarantee that fans will like what they hear.

“[20/20], it goes a lot of different directions,” Timberlake says to Capital FM. “I think there’s probably a little bit of what was reminiscent on the first album and then a little bit of what’s reminiscent of the second album, and then some new stuff.” Check out the full interview after the jump.

Aside from confirming Timbaland’s role in 20/20, the “Suit & Tie”-donned singer also says that he recorded with Pharrell (who helped produced Justified), but for material that will appear under the Neptunes. He also re-confirms that he hit the studio for Beyonce‘s follow-up to 4, although he has yet to ask Mrs. Carter to return the favor. “We didn’t do anything on this for mine, but that’s not to say that down the road, there couldn’t be a single version of something.”

It’s like when Capital FM asked of why he swears so much more now: “I’m 32 years old, sweetheart. Nobody’s gonna tell me anything.”

[via Miss Info]

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