Watch Diddy & Mark Walhberg Play A Drinking Game On ‘Ellen’

Carl Williott | March 1, 2013 1:39 pm

We get it, it’s Friday. You don’t want to challenge your brain. You want to sit back and be entertained while you pretend to do work. Well, we have just the thing for you, depending on how loosely you define the word “entertained.” You may know that Diddy is the peddler of fine Ciroc vodka. Well, he is also the peddler of  AQUAhydrate water, along with Mark Wahlberg. Which is why the two appeared on Ellen today (March 1).

Even though what they’re shilling is “fitness water,” the drink still bears the same clear color as “regular water”…and “vodka.” So, wouldn’t it be totally WACKY if you didn’t know whether you were about to slam a shot of vodka or water? That’s exactly the game concocted by Ellen(‘s producers), in which Diddy has to take a mystery shot whenever Wahlberg gets a question wrong. Check it out up top to see if Diddy gets totally hammered or totally hydrated. Win-win for him, really.

It’s odd — and troubling — that the hip-hop mogul grimaces whether he has just slugged his line of vodka or his line of water. Not a super-effective marketing ploy.

Like we said, mindless fluff for your Friday afternoon (mindless as long as you don’t strain your brain trying to decipher how and why Diddy and Marky Mark teamed up for this bro’d out business venture).