Susan Boyle To Make Film Debut In ‘The Christmas Candle’

Robbie Daw | March 1, 2013 2:01 pm

Best tell grandma to start popping the kettle corn! Untamed pop hellion Susan Boyle, one of the most beloved figures in music in 2009, is still out there making wages. And this coming holiday season — you know, like, nine months from now — she’ll be glowing on the silver screen.

The Scottish minx is set to star opposite Les Miserables actress Samantha Banks in The Christmas Candle, a story about “an English village in the 1890s, where blessed candles throughout the village begin to answer its residents’ prayers,” according to

So far there’s not much news about Boyle’s character or, for that matter, whether or not she’ll be singing in the British film, which is adapted from a novella by preacher/author Max Lucado.

However, the Platinum-selling songstress did offer this juicy tidbit to the BBC, while filming on location: “It’s very cold… I’m wearing long johns under my bustle.”