Marina And The Diamonds’ “The State Of Dreaming” Video: Watch The Simple Clip

Carl Williott | March 4, 2013 12:55 pm

Marina And The Diamonds is back with a video for her uber-dramatic song “The State of Dreaming.” Fully entrenched in the fame-sick Electra Heart alter ego from her album of the same name, Marina Diamandis laments in operatic fashion that “My life is a play.”

The clip starts and ends in black-and-white, but if you think the middle travels off into some vibrant world like The Wizard of Oz, that’s not quite right. The whole clip takes place in one room, finding Ms. Diamandis alternating between sad eyes and a big smile, swaying back and forth as confetti falls. It’s pretty, and pretty bare bones.

Marina gets back on the road in May for a string of US dates with supporting act Charli XCX.