Scissor Sisters Member Del Marquis’ Solo Album ‘Cosmos’: Listen To Song Snippets

Robbie Daw | March 5, 2013 11:00 am

Okay, try to keep up here. You may recall that in January, we premiered a song called “Say Ooh Damn” off Scissor Sisters guitarist Del Marquis‘ most recent mixtape, Tickle. Now Del, whose real name is Derek Gruen, has announced that  his solo album Cosmos — released under the monicker of Slow Knights (still with us?) — will be out on March 26.

The important thing to note here: the album sounds absolutely fantastic. That’s no surprise, given that Gruen worked on the tracks with Prince‘s Diamonds And Pearls-era band the New Power Generation. Sampling snippets of songs like “Shame,” “In The Quiet,” “Legendary Children” and “Sweet Harmony” below, you’ll hear synthpop, soul jams and straight-up funk.

Slow Knights — Cosmos sampler

A press release notes that Slow Knights really operates as a collective, and artists involved include Bright Light Bright Light‘s Rod Thomas (who can be heard on “In The Quiet”), Xavier Smith, Chrissie Poland, Bridget Barkan and Mykal Kilgore. Del — er, make that Derek — produced Cosmos.

Consider this absolute music to the ears of Scissor Sisters fans still smarting over the band’s hiatus.