You Be The Judge: Janet Leon’s “Heartstrings”

Bradley Stern | March 5, 2013 4:38 pm

We come across new artists each and every day, but are all acts worth making a fuss over? With You Be The Judge, we’re leaving it up to YOU, our readers. Should we keep tabs on these rising artists, leave their tunes behind — or at least let them stew a bit longer before we give them another chance?

Remember Play, the short lived, early-to-mid 00’s Swedish girl group behind “Us Against The World”, and the still incredible “I Must Not Chase The Boys”? No? Maybe?

Well, it’s been several years (and more member swaps than Destiny’s Child) since the group officially disbanded for the last time toward the end of the naughties — but that doesn’t mean that the members of Play aren’t still chugging along with their own solo endeavors.

Take, for instance, Janet Leon.

Janet’s no stranger to the solo scene: After leaving the group, she made a splash in her homeland with her eponymous debut album in 2009, climbing to the top of the charts with “Let Go.” Now, five years later, she’s back for more, this time teaming up with Britney hit-maker Jörgen Elofsson in the studio to record her second studio album.

“Heartstrings” is the first taste of what’s to come, doubling as Leon’s official entry song for Melodifestivalen, the Swedish national competition to choose the national contender for Eurovision. Sadly, despite her alluring skin-tight Avatar-esque body suit, Janet didn’t make it to the final round — but she did leave us with her new single.

It’s a slow start at first, as Janet croons her way above a dramatic piano and string section, but hold out for that massive chorus: “You pull on my heartstrings/Giving my life wings, warm up the frozen, living again!” the powerhouse songstress howls triumphantly above massive synthesized blasts.

Yep — sure sounds like the stuff of sweet Eurovision dreams to us.

Listen to “Heartstrings” above, then vote in our poll below to let us know if you want Leon to remain a fixture on the site.

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