Beyonce’s ‘Mrs. Carter’ Leaked Album Tracklist Goes Viral, Is Definitely Fake But Let’s Pretend It’s Not

Sam Lansky | March 6, 2013 7:13 am

Update: A very reliable source tells us that this tracklist is absolutely fake. Boo hiss.

Original story: What’s the latest with Beyonce, you might ask? This morning brought news of a supposed leaked photo from Camp King Bey with all the details on her new album, and it’s probably, almost definitely fake, but it’s like a fan’s most deliriously brilliant fantasy of what this next record could be, and really, what if it’s not fake? What if it’s real? What then? We would be remiss to just ignore it, right?

So! According to the story (which seems fairly suspect to us, but let’s just pretend), one of the dudes from Stargate (with whom she worked on songs like “Irreplaceable,” so it’s probable that she’d be in the studio with them again) accidentally tweeted a picture of the tracklist and details from Beyonce’s upcoming album. (How do you accidentally tweet a picture like that? Who knows. Again, let’s just go with it.)

The (probably fake, it’s all probably fake, but ah! What if it’s not?) details are as follows: The album is called Mrs. Carter — which would make sense, given the title of her tour — and is due to hit retailers April 11, 2013, with collaborations from a laundry list of superstars including Lady Gaga, Azealia Banks, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Ne-Yo and her little sister Solange Knowles. The first single, as rumored, would be “Ratchet,” with a release date of March 12.

Anyway, this is all fake and not real, probably, but if you feel like pretending it’s not, see the full tracklist and image below:

01. Ratchet (feat. Lady Gaga & Azealia Banks) 02. Back 2 Business (feat. Jay-Z) 03. Roller Coaster (feat. Justin Timberlake) 04. Visions (feat. Sia) 05. Dance (I’m Soon Over) (feat. Rihanna) 06. More Than Sex (feat. Ne-Yo) 07. Better Than Ever Before (feat. Solange Knowles) 08. Runway 09. Sensations 10.12 Roses 11. It’s All Over

Beyonce Mrs Carter Tracklist Leaked Instagram

[via Beyonce Journal]

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