Ke$ha’s “Woo Hoo” Gets A High-Quality Leak: Hear The Blur-Sampling Fan Favorite

Carl Williott | March 6, 2013 10:31 am

Behold Ke$ha‘s “Woo Hoo.” A lost track apparently from her Warrior sessions, it samples Blur‘s “Song 2,” that staple of late ’90s alt-rock that has gone on to soundtrack just about every sporting event ever. The song has become an underground favorite of the Animals, but they’ve been rocking out to a grainy version that’s been floating around the web this whole time. Now a high quality version has popped up.

As you can guess, Blur’s woo hoos are intact, and while there’s still some semblance of that fuzzy guitar riff, it’s mainly been replaced by a chugging synth line. K$ spends most of the verses rapping, but there’s a dramatic trance-y breakdown highlighting her traditional singing voice before a typically bombastic chorus. There’s even a Lady Gaga-esque “Hallelujah” bridge. The song has everything, basically. Hear it below.