Directioners, Unite!: Matthew Fox Tries To Talk His Daughter Out Of Liking One Direction

Carl Williott | March 7, 2013 10:05 am

As The Social Network taught us, you don’t make millions of friends without making a few enemies, and One Direction seems to be learning that lesson firsthand these last few weeks. There was the Worst Band award and Harry Styles‘ Villain of the Year honors care of NME, there’s Taylor Swift hiring someone to trash talk Styles, Louis Tomlinson installing a panic room to protect him from crazies and, of course, Jake Bugg calling 1D “terrible.” The latest person to tempt fate and feel the wrath of Directioners is former Lost star Matthew Fox. (Though, to be fair, his slight was more playful.)

The actor appeared on Conan Wednesday (March 6), and talked about how his 16-year-old daughter is obsessed with 1D. Like any self-respecting cool dad, he’s trying to expand his daughter’s horizons and show her there’s a world of music beyond boy bands. His daughter is nonplussed about this prospect.

The self-described “huge music fan” said he would never attend a 1D show with his daughter. Might wanna rethink that, Fox. If she doesn’t go with Dad, she’ll just find another guy to take her…

[via The Hollywood Reporter]