Justin Bieber Rages At Photographer, Threatens To “Beat The F*** Out Of You”

Sam Lansky | March 8, 2013 8:33 am

Wow! Things sure don’t seem to be going very well for Justin Bieber!

Yes, the apple-cheeked Canuck is rapidly charging ahead on his “imminent descent into madness” campaign following yesterday’s hospitalization in England and subsequent softcore Instagram. (“[L]istening to Janice Joplin,” the boy wonder Instagrammed, which is just — well, we could live for a thousand years and nobody would be able to compete with that, ever). But today brought news that Bieber had fired a profanity-filled rant at a paparazzo outside his London hotel, which escalated into threats of violence — and, of course, there’s footage of Bieber getting all riled up, most notably shouting, “I’ll beat the fuck out of you!” at the photog. Ultimately, Bieber’s bodyguard keeps him from throwing ‘bows, but it’s still pretty ugly. (You can watch that over at TMZ.)

Listen, the paparazzi are despicable garbage people who would eat their young for a three-figure check from Life & Style, and Bieber was unquestionably baited. We’re on his side here! At the same time, there are too many eyes on him for this brand of public embarrassment. He needs to learn how to keep his cool.

Alternately, he can just throw in the towel and give us full-blown Britney Spears in 2007 realness. Anyone have a pink wig handy?

[via TMZ]