Chris Brown Reignites Beef With Drake, Tells Club Crowd “F*ck Drake”

Carl Williott | March 8, 2013 9:04 am

To stay up-to-date on Chris Brown is to stay up-to-date on a byzantine network of beefs: with parking lot valets, with the courts, with morning show interviewers, with Frank Ocean, with Drake and with Rihanna‘s face, just to name a mere few. So when one of those beefs fades into the background, it’s better not just for Chris Brown (because it gives him more energy to focus on music active beefs), but also for the people covering Chris Brown. Because it’s one less shred of terribleness we have to think about. Unfortunately, Breezy reignited his tepid beef with Drake last night.

After chewing out an innocent parking valet earlier Wednesday night (March 6), Brown went to the Emerson Theatre. When the DJ played Drake’s “Started from the Bottom,” Breezy had to A) let everyone in the club know he was there, and B) let everyone in the club know he is not cool with Drake. According to E!, the singer took over the DJ booth, stopped the song, grabbed the mic and said, “The DJ can play this shit, but I want you all to know, Fuck Drake!” before giving everyone the finger.

We dunno about you, but we always love it when we’re at the club and the music stops so that some egomaniac can screech into the microphone about a song he hates. So much better than a bass drop. Perhaps realizing he was being annoying, Brown reportedly went on to perform a quick mini-concert from the booth, with Reggie Bush as his hype man because that’s how things work in Hollywood.

A rep for the venue has confirmed the details of the story to MTV.