Daft Punk’s “Dancing To The Beat”: Hear The Impressively Real-Sounding Remix

Sam Lansky | March 8, 2013 10:05 am

Update: We’re being told this nifty little ditty is not, in fact, a leak, but instead is a remix of the 15-second snippet that recently premiered in a new commercial. Oh, DJs — your talents never fail to disappoint.

Original post: French disco electropop outfit Daft Punk are making a hotly anticipated comeback with a new label (Columbia Records) and a new image (well, one relatively opaque promo shot of a futuristic helmut, which is something, right?) — and today, they sprung a leak earlier with a new song titled “Dancing To The Beat.”

A gloriously funky pop number, “Dancing” sounds quintessentially Daft Punk but also a bit like Chromeo — lots of pep and lots of energy. It’s a promising first look at what to expect from their upcoming LP.

As Pink Is The New Blog notes, the fact that the track has yet to be pulled suggests that its release may be more of a calculated strategy on the part of Columbia to buoy interest in the comeback, rather than a legitimate “leak.” If that was the end game, it’s working: The song is dancefloor ready. Listen below.

Daft Punk — “Dancing To The Beat”

[via Pink Is The New Blog]