One Direction Tweet In Support Of Justin Bieber During These Trying Times

Carl Williott | March 11, 2013 12:01 pm

Justin Bieber has had a rough go ever since his birthday party crumpled into a heap of disappointment and shattered expectations. (Note: “a rough go” adjusted for a multi-millionaire teen pop star.) First he was booed for showing up late in London, then he was hospitalized after collapsing backstage and upon his release he had a face-off with some greaseball paparazzo. Now, the latest, Bieber canceled a show in Portugal for “unforeseen circumstances.”

But while many in the media are kicking him while he’s down (again, “down” is all relative, here), a couple members of One Direction have come to Bieber’s defense. “I do wish the press would take it easy on [Bieber],” Louis Tomlinson tweeted over the weekend, adding that he empathizes with the star, who seems to be acting like a normal teenager. Zayn Malik followed that up with a tweet saying, “got your back bro !!” Check out their posts in support of the Biebs below.