Annie Announces Comeback Single “Tubestops And Lonely Hearts”

Sam Lansky | March 12, 2013 7:53 am

Oh, Annie! The Norwegian electropop singer-songwriter, who has consistently turned out some of the best pop records of the last decade — see “Heartbeat” and “My Love Is Better” for more on that — is long overdue for a comeback to the scene. And hark! A new interview in Norway’s Bergen Puls (we think? Don’t ask) suggests that new tunes are well on their way, with a single expected as early as this month. Crying on the dancefloor can commence immediately.

Due to our sophisticated knowledge of the Norwegian language (i.e., that nifty ‘Translate’ button in our browser), we were able to gather the following:

  • “During March comes Annies new single ‘Tubestops and lonely hearts.'” This is good news because “Tubestops and Lonely Hearts” is a phenomenal title.
  • “I have neither clean Bergen dialect or pure southern accent, so it was that I sang in a kind of riksmål.” We don’t know what this means and it’s about some Norwegian music she recently recorded, not her English-language efforts, but it still sounds interesting.
  • “She refers to ‘Tubestops and lonely hearts’ as a song for the dance floor.” Fact: Annie has never made a bad song for the dance floor.
  • “It is inspired by the early rave music, from the early nineties. It’s definitely a klubblåt.” We Googled fairly extensively (for about 15 seconds) and were unable to unearth what “klubblåt” means, but it sounds a little bit like “club hit,” so we’re going to pretend like that’s a rough translation.
  • “One should be strong in the face of the world where, says Annie.” This is our favorite new Annie quote.
  • “When she comes with new material, it is for the company to her producer Richard X: Black Melody.” Given that it was Richard X, not Annie herself (who hasn’t tweeted since September, boo) who posted the link this morning, it’s safe to say that this is a Richard X song. Fact: Richard X has never made a bad song.

Any questions?

[via Bergen Puls]

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