Justin Bieber (Sort Of) Defended In Song/Video By Mountain Goats Singer John Darnielle

Robbie Daw | March 12, 2013 1:16 pm

Indie folk rocker John Darnielle of enduring one-man band The Mountain Goats — not exactly the person who springs to mind when thinking of those who ponder Justin Bieber and his life. Still, the 20-year-old’s recent skirmishes with the paparazzi have not gone unnoticed by Darnielle, who has whipped up video wherein he sings a brief song directed at Bieber: “Now on the one hand, it’s hard to feel sorry for the very rich… You chose this life / but on the other hand, even a rich guy needs some space.”

Next, Darnielle aims his words of wisdom at the paparazzi: “You don’t have to leave Justin alone, but don’t be an asshole.” The whole issue is summed up when the singer points out that there are bigger concerns than hounding Bieber in the world, such as abortion not being accessible by all.

So wise and enlightening! Bieber should take some time out from posting not-so-subtle photos (read: borderline kiddy porn) of himself on Instagram and start kissing this guy’s ass.

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