Taylor Swift’s “22” Video: Tay’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Carl Williott | March 13, 2013 8:01 am

Taylor Swift‘s fun-filled “22” music video premiered earlier this morning on Good Morning America‘s website, and it was so fun! We already saw the behind-the-scenes photos suggesting as much, but in a brief introduction to the clip, Taylor confirms that she’s never had such a good time making a music video. Part of that is because the video features her real-life “best friends.” And part of that is because it was filmed in Malibu.

“22,” which is named after either Swift’s age, the number of besties she has or the number of quirky accessories she wears in this clip (heart sunglasses, cat ears, a bandanna, etc), features Swift and her Swifties kickin’ it at home, at the beach and at a swank party. We gotta be honest, she looks like she’d be a fun hang. Watch it up top.

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