‘American Idol’: Curtis Finch Jr. Goes Home, Phillip Phillips & Bon Jovi Perform

Lisa Timmons | March 15, 2013 5:49 am

Thursday night saw the results of the Wednesday night performances of the top ten American Idol contestants. Ryan Seacrest also informed us that Bon Jovi will be performing, along with season 11 winner, Phillip Phillips.

The judges looked so confused, wandering out onto the stage with no one to lead them to their chairs. Mariah Carey was gorgeous in her raspberry gown. Nicki Minaj was strutting her stuff in a lime green or bright yellow shorts romper. Keith Urban and Randy Jackson were wearing their standard fare.

Now, let’s see how the Top 10 — soon to be minus one — handled the tension.

The contestants all take to the stage to hear the results. Cut to Jimmy Iovine giving his critique of the previous night’s performances. He agrees that the girls are doing the best. We get a rundown of what Jimmy thought of everybody. He’s basically on the same page with the judges except for Angie Miller. He doesn’t feel she was as amazing as the judges thought. Roger that, Jim. The music mogul also says he gave Lazaro Arbos a bubble bath. Where is that footage?

Several awkward blinks later, we get to the results. Ryan rests his little hands on a little table to explain the new voting and ranking process. This is very confusing. The contestants stand to hear some demographic information. I’m expecting some graphs and pie charts. Candice Glover receives the news that she’s in the Top 3.

This new ranking business is basically a new way for American Idol to torture the contestants.

Suddenly, after we return back from commercial break, the contestants break out into an awkward group song (Owl City and Yuna‘s “Shine Your Way”) to help promote the new animated movie The Croods. It’s bizarre as hell, but it’s working because now I want to see The Croods. Also, I’m terribly impressionable.

As the contestants return to the couches, Ryan Seacrest pulls Kree Harrison aside to tell her that that the mayor of her Texas town has a special message for her. She receives a giant key to the city. Kree is moved to tears, but, seriously, would it have killed him to put it on a plaque? She finds out that she’s the second contestant to make it to the top three.

Ryan throws himself onto Jane Lynch, who happens to be strategically placed in the audience. He then announces that Bon Jovi will be performing next. I’m sure everyone’s mom is super excited. My friend watching with me suggests that they change their band name to “Valley Dads.”

And suddenly, Charlie Askew has returned. He sits at a white grand piano and sings a beautiful original song that he should have played last time he was on the show. But then again, I sense Charlie needs a little growing up to do before getting back on national TV. We learn that he’s competing with another former contestant for a spot on the Idols Live tour.

Aubrey Cleland steps to the stage and she looks great, but I’m still sad it’s not Zoanette Johnson. While Aubrey is gorgeous and sounds the best she has so far, I suspect Charlie’s got a pretty intense fan base rooting for him.

Phillip Phillips sings his song, “Gone, Gone, Gone” and it hits me that I didn’t realize Dave Matthews won last year. I kid! He’s definitely cuter and has a much more normal-sized head. He sure loves those heel clicks. Any time now, he’ll be whisked back to Kansas. After singing, he receives his four-times Platinum award for his hit “Home” presented to him by Randy Jackson.

Angie Miller finds out that she made the Top 3. And now, we’re going to find out where everyone else ranks. I’m so bummed Amber Holcomb isn’t in the Top 3. Lazaro Arbos finds out he made it to number four. Awesome Amber is safe as number five. Janelle Arthur is number six. Burnell Taylor gets number seven. Paul Jolley finds out after a tense moment that he’s number eight.

The last two are Curtis Finch Jr. and Devin Velez. After some light-dimming, we find out that Curtis gets to sing for a possible save by the judges — the only save Randy, Nicki, Mariah and Keith are allowed this season. He pulls out his showstopper from his last great performance, “I Believe I Can Fly.” This time around, it’s not as impressive, but still formidable.

Randy announces that the save of the season will not be going to Curtis. Nicki looks pissed because she clearly wanted Curtis to stay. Aww. I do feel like he left the season a little too soon.

And then there were nine…

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