Justin Bieber & Will.i.am’s “#ThatPower”: Hear The Pounding Club Track

Sam Lansky | March 15, 2013 9:51 am

Oh! Well, here’s something that’s great news for Twitter, grim news for grammar, and a whole lot of “Yikes!” for the rest of us — a new song from Will.i.am‘s much-delayed new LP #willpower entitled “#ThatPower” (all of these hashtags are included, yes) and featuring boy wonder Justin Bieber, he of the angelic features and short fuse! The track just premiered on British radio and it’s really something else. 

So the important thing to know about a song like this is that it sounds exactly like what you’d expect it — a Will.i.am collaboration with Justin Bieber with a title that includes a hashtag — to sound like. No more, no less. If that’s your thing, great! Bieber’s vocals sound smooth and Bieber-y, and Will’s characteristically pummeling production will sound great crash-booming out of an Aeropostale in a suburban mall for the next thousand years.

But, well, oh man. It would be great if this kind of thing could just stop, wouldn’t it? Not Justin Bieber — he’s perfectly fine — but the lowest-common-denominator club-pop. It’s starting to feel a little claustrophobic, even for those of us who love lowest-common-denominator club pop. Even with a Daft Punk sample, which this song has. But, like, why does it have to be the Daft Punk sample that we’ve already heard a thousand times before? What about “Digital Love,” huh? Even “One More Time?” Oh well.

The point is, this song is totally going to #1 and that’s that. And at least it’s better than the last time they teamed up.

Listen below.