Whatcha Say: Lady Gaga’s Golden Wheelchair and Azealia Banks Got Our Readers Talking

Bradley Stern | March 15, 2013 5:30 pm

Busy week in pop! But isn’t it always? The Justin Timberlake‘s album stream on iTunes kept us all preoccupied at the start of the week, while Lady Gaga surprised her Little Monsters with a glimpse of her souped-up wheelchair. Justin Bieber‘s trip to Europe continued to suck after a random Lindsay Lohan shade attack, Kelly Rowland continued to enjoy her kisses down low and Azealia Banks beefed with Rita Ora on Twitter–yes, we were shocked too–before dropping a controversial new single, which got you guys talking (and, mercifully, not reducing to obscenity flame wars like Miss Banks’ Twitter feed.)

Check out some of the best comments of the week below.

:: Stefan Mreczko saw Lady Gaga in a golden wheelchair and immediately thought Fame Monster (and won our Caption This contest for the week!) on Facebook: “I know that you are unemployed and I know you may need money, But I just can’t be in a regular wheelchair with a busted hip anymore, Alejandro.”

:: Kerry wasn’t very keen on Katy Perry‘s new (possible) autobiography on Katy Perry Is Writing An Autobiography, Maybe: “She’s writing a book about things that she could let us know through a status update on Twitter. Seems a little unnecessary.”

:: Christo laid the ultimate smackdown on the Bowie review round-up on David Bowie’s ‘The Next Day’: Review Revue: “All of the pompous penmanship equates to very little except to say that the scribes are in serious danger of disappearing up their own asses. Bowie’s album is great listen, if you’re a fan. If you’ve never been into the Thin White Duke then take a step back before putting on The Next Day. Yes, it stands up to his previous work, yes it’s a great comeback album, no he’s not reinventing the wheel.”

:: Ryan gushed over Azealia Banks single on Azealia Banks’ “Yung Rapunxel”: Hear The Aggressive Electro Single: “In every sense futuristic and way ahead of any rapper in the game right now. azealia is absolutely brilliant and, while im not a huge fan of her seemingly endless “beef” with her fellow musicians, this track just proves she is extraordinarily talented. the people that dont like this track either 1.) cant get over her twitter feuds or 2.) just dont get it.”

:: But Ron Darc wasn’t so impressed—at all: “It’s just angry punk rave from the early 90′s (why she’s touring with prodigy) and, besides that, MIA has already done the postmodern punk rap thing, and done it much better. There is nothing “forward” about this! Combined with the fact that twitter has revealed she’s basically an insane a-hole, the future aint too bright for this one.”

:: And when our own Carl Williott tweeted about his Azealia Banks-free vacation at SXSW, Yung Rapunxel herself weighed in on Twitter: “lol but u went all the way to sxsw, to see other artists and are STILL thinking about “Azealia Banks”…. I win.”

:: Finally, Rashon Amiel Massey wasn’t taking kindly to the title of Selena Gomez‘s new leak on Facebook: “If my parents can’t tell me who Selena Gomez is, she ain’t ruling the world. You know who is though? Beyonce.”

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