Jay-Z Confirmed To Executive Produce ‘Great Gatsby’ Soundtrack: Will He Collab With Lana Del Rey?

Sam Lansky | March 15, 2013 11:32 am

Here’s some official news: Jay-Z is teaming up with director Baz Luhrmann on his upcoming adaptation of The Great Gatsby, which we already sort of knew (it was announced that he was working on the score), but now it’s extra-super official. Hov will serve as executive producer for the film’s soundtrack and is confirmed to perform on it, too, contributing original music. Luhrmann called Jay “a credible and natural fit,” which is, well, of course. He’s Jay-Z.

Here’s some less-than-official news that’s still pretty exciting: Lana Del Rey is definitely on the Great Gatsby soundtrack, too — as confirmed implicitly by a November interview, and also that graphic she ever-so-cryptically posted on her Facebook page a few weeks back — which means the two greatest talents of their generations (bear with us, just go with it) are working together on the same project. They might even collaborate. A Jay-produced LDR song? It’s almost too much.

Regarding this matter, Lana Del Rey released the following statement:

That’s pretty much it.

[via Reuters]