Justin Timberlake Will Release A ’20/20 Experience’ Sequel In November, According To Questlove

Christina Lee | March 17, 2013 8:09 am

Justin Timberlake will release a sequel to The 20/20 Experience in November, according to The Roots drummer Questlove. “(10 songs now…..10 songs later= 20 vision),” he said, in response to a forum thread hosted on his music website Okayplayer.

Questlove’s statement arrives just one day after Timberlake revealed that he and Jay-Z recorded more than just “Suit & Tie” together. Last month, in an interview published in Rolling Stone, Timberlake had also provided a different explanation to his third album’s title. The story: His best friend arrived at the studio where Timberlake was working, heard a few 20/20 tracks and said, “I feel like I’m in a movie. I feel like I can see the music; I feel like I can see different colors for different songs.”

Questlove was commenting on The New York Times‘ not-so-positive review of 20/20. (“It’s an album of largely inconsequential beauty, showing Mr. Timberlake as an artist with no incentive to innovate, making this primarily a paean to brand maintenance. It’s not meant to change minds,” resident music critic Jon Caramanica wrote.)

“i admire the balls it took to make this record. cause he coulda easily urshurd his work in and made diplo his teddy riley to 20/20’s dangerous instead of sticking with timb’s Quincy,” Questlove wrote. Former jazz arranger Quincy Jones had produced Michael Jackson‘s first three solo albums (Off the Wall, Thriller, Bad), while New Jack Swing creator Teddy Riley assisted with seven of Dangerous‘ 14 cuts — Jackson’s main attempt to update his sound.