Justin Timberlake Confirms ’20/20 Experience’ Sequel

Sam Lansky | March 19, 2013 6:10 am

Rumors began to circulate over the weekend that Justin Timberlake‘s 10-track LP The 20/20 Experience was just half of that, um 20/20 experience, with a second album (a “sequel,” if you will) due out in November. (Questlove basically said as much.)

Last night, JT confirmed the reports, telling Ryan Seacrest: “I’ve got to clear up the rumors. The whole thing about this only being the first part… is true. There is another half. [But] I’m not giving you a release date.”

Seacrest later took a break from gazing lovingly at photos of Julianne Hough on his mantel to tweet about the news:

Maybe Volume 2 will have all the radio-friendly songs.

[via E! Online]