PSY Changes New Single Title To Avoid Offending Arabs, Or Something

Sam Lansky | March 19, 2013 7:53 am

Here’s the weirdest story you’ll read today, probably: “Gangnam Style” hitmaker PSY has been forced to tweak the title of his upcoming single over concerns that it will affect the Arab listening community — since the title of the song is (or was) “Assarabia,” or “Assaravia,” depending on the spelling. As it turns out, that’s a slang term used by South Korean to describe thrills, which doesn’t have any ethnic or anatomical connotation (i.e., it is neither about asses nor Arabs, nor is it about the asses of Arabs), but it’s still caused concerns that the title might be misinterpreted. 

Maybe he could avoid the whole conflict altogether by just calling the song, like, “Sexy and I Know It” or “Pop Bottles” or something cool and hip and relevant like that.

At any rate, the single is probably coming soon, but he’s been saying that for awhile now, so don’t hold your breath, maybe?

[via Billboard]