Timberlake Tournament Round 2: The Results

Idolator Staff | March 19, 2013 11:56 am

Each week in March, we’re taking all of Justin Timberlake’s greatest tracks — from club cuts to ballads to sexy slow jams and collaborations — and pitting them head-to-head for an all out showdown until we’ve whittled it down to the last song standing.

It’s Timbermania lately, no? From the not-so-secret SXSW showcase, to the 20/20 Experience album release party, to the brand new bonus tracks buzzin’ about — it’s all JT, all the time.

Two weeks ago, the Timberlake Tournament kicked off with our first round: Club Cuts, and we found ourselves a winner. And now, it’s time for the ballads. The votes are in, and we’ve got ourselves the next winner…

It’s “Cry Me A River”!

The final breakdown is as follows:

“Cry Me A River” – 38% “What Goes Around Comes Around” – 21% “Mirrors” – 19% “Until The End Of Time” – 17% “Let Me Talk To You/My Love” – 4%

Go on and watch that mystery blonde walk by one more time below. Start breaking out the Kleenex! And while you’re at it, check out our review of The 20/20 Experience. We’ll see you tomorrow for the next round in the Timberlake Tournament!

How do you feel about the winner of this week’s Timberlake Tournament? Leave us a comment below!