You Be The Judge: Jade, “Freedom”

Bradley Stern | March 19, 2013 4:16 pm

We come across new artists each and every day, but are all acts worth making a fuss over? With You Be The Judge, we’re leaving it up to YOU, our readers. Should we keep tabs on these rising artists, leave their tunes behind — or at least let them stew a bit longer before we give them another chance?

Meet Louisiana-bred songstress, Jade.

The singer was originally a member of the (short-lived) girl group Sophia Fresh, which was signed in a joint venture between Atlantic Records and T-Pain. She started to write and record music with the group, but ultimately left before their launch, instead heading out on tour with Solange to dance and sing on the Solange and The Hadley St. Dreams Tour.

Now, after moving to New York City, the singer is preparing for the release of her upcoming EP Jaded (see what she did there?), beginning with her new song: “Freedom.” (Not to be confused with Jade Ewen, the current Sugababes member, who also has a song called “Freedom.”)

The track was crafted by premiere pop songsmith James Fauntleroy (who’s scribed tracks for everyone from Justin Timberlake to Rihanna to Britney Spears), and produced by the Page Brothers.

“If this ain’t freedom/Then babe, I don’t know what is,” Jade soulfully coos above a strutting R&B beat and gentle licks of jazz guitar. It’s a smooth and sexy production, as Jade sensually glides her way through some introspection: “When your world’s upside down, you don’t fall…you fly down.”

Now, it’s your turn to decide: Do you like what you hear?

Check out “Freedom” above, then vote in our poll below to let us know if you want Jade to remain a fixture on the site.

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