Ke$ha To Receive Humane Society Award For Animal Welfare Activism

Sam Lansky | March 20, 2013 6:06 am

Hey, guess what? Surprise! Ke$ha is a little bonkers (in a totally cool and likable way), but when she’s not gifting Miley Cyrus a half-eaten lollipop for her birthday, or drinking her own urine, she can do some pretty cool stuff — for example, on a trip to an island in the South Pacific, she saw two abused street dogs that had been glued together, tried to separate them and ended up getting scabies (which is actually a pretty good reason to get scabies, right?).

At any rate, she later became the Humane Society International’s first global ambassador, and now the animal welfare organization is honoring the trash-pop diva with the Wyler Award at the Humane Society of the United States Genesis Awards event, which is being held in Los Angeles on March 23. Good for you, Ke$ha.

“If you follow my music, you know I’m a bit of a jackass,” she explained to Billboard. “But this is one part of my life I take really seriously. Helping animals has always been my goal.”

First, a Genesis Award; next, the Grammys. Keep it up, K$.

[via Billboard]