The 9 Best Music Videos Featuring Cats, From Paula Abdul To Best Coast

John Hamilton | March 22, 2013 5:30 am

For centuries, the feline has represented so many things to the world: a symbol of nobility, a muse to the arts…a hip dance partner to Paula Abdul, to name but a few. Is there anything pussycats can’t do? Yet even as they rule the world (and YouTube), most of them would like us to think they’re happy just to chill on the divan with a ball of catnip and a pack of Realistic Fur Mice. Leave it to music video historians like us to dig up the truth about cats: they secretly want to be pop stars!

In celebration of the feline form, we’ve sifted through the voluminous Idolator archives and have curated a list of the top nine cat-worshipping music videos of all time. Why nine, you ask? One for each life you’ll lose if you don’t properly worship at the altar of kitty, you little furball! And what these videos tell us about cats is that they have a natural flair for pop, whether they’re the star of the show or just an extra-fancy bit of set decoration. No matter what they’re doing, we can’t help but be drawn to their curious power!

Taylor Swift, “Ours”

Kicking off our list is America’s Sweetheart Taylor Swift, tenderly portraying a woman in an office with a boyfriend and a broken heart. Who cares? It’s all about the cat video she watches at the clip’s climax: that smushy little darling is Taylor’s real-life kitty friend, Meredith! In a just world, this would be Meredith’s video featuring a cameo by Taylor Swift.

Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine, “Bad Boy (Cats Version)”

It’s a typical Saturday night for salsa-pop queen Gloria as she heads down to the Meow Lounge for a back-alley romp with a cast of Broadway-style cats. Sounds like innocent fun, right? It’s seriously not! These torn-up tomcats are reading barely-legal kitten magazines and showing off their dirty tails to wholesome Glo, who quickly retreats to the land of Adult Contemporary Ballads with her own tail between her legs.

Madonna, “Express Yourself”

Even the Queen of Pop knows who was the true star of her 1989 video epic: the stunning black kitty cat! When asked how she could let the slinky little minx steal every scene of her Metropolis-themed masterpiece, Madonna gave the proper reply of a human who knows her place: “Pussy(cat) rules the world!” She later attempted to copy its swagger by slurping from a saucer of milk. Nice try, Madge!

Best Coast, “Crazy For You”

This whimsical clip from L.A.’s Best Coast features a cat crew hard at work directing, filming and working craft services behind the scenes of their very own music video. Despite a flurry of side-eyes and sarcastic subtitles from the feline crew, it all ends on a catnip high — and how insanely adorable is the kitten driving the coffee cart?

Charli XCX , “You (Ha Ha Ha)”

The Persian princess briefly featured here may only be a guest star, but the fluffy feline diva was obviously a behind-the-scenes inspiration for the mascara stylings of newcomer Charli and her lipstick-gun-toting posse.

Lisa Loeb, “Stay (I Missed You)” vs. Veruca Salt “Seether”

Sensitive singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb included a curious kitty in her 1994 smash “Stay” to match her own sharp pair of cat-eye glasses, but the gals of Veruca Salt one-upped her later that same year with what appears to be a studio full of shiftless, yet totally cool, alterna-cats.


Veruca Salt:

Björk, “Triumph Of A Heart”

Bjork’s cat boyfriend seems like kind of a jerk, what with his disheveled white tee and disinterested scowl. Then again, he did pick her up in his car after that all-night bender. Pretty reliable after all, that cat. Still, he might have talked her out of those pony tails.

Paula Abdul, “Opposites Attract”

Paula Abdul already had numerous #1s under her dance belt when she devastated the airwaves with this iconic clip, but it was her animated partner in crime, MC Skat Kat, who blew it up. Paula later trumped all expectations (and shut up the h8rs) when she reunited with Skat Kat in 2012 on “Dancing With the Stars.” This Looney Toons-influenced fantasia still gets two big paws up from us.

MC Skat Kat, “Skat Strut”

Straight up, we’ll tell you — not only did Paula Abdul have the second-best cat-starring video of all time, she also helped kick off the solo career of the world’s biggest feline pop star, MC Skat Kat! This 1991 solo release formally launched Paula’s former dance partner, who “got more moves than a mutant ninja turtle,” straight to the heart of America’s bargain bin. Okay, so Skat Kat didn’t become the megastar he hoped to be. That, however, doesn’t mean we can’t love his terrific rap game and arrogant swagger. Take that, Garfield!