Chris Brown Is “Eternally Grateful” Rihanna Forgave Him: Hear His Full Interview With Ryan Seacrest

Carl Williott | March 26, 2013 12:58 pm

Well, this is the tiniest, most newborn of baby steps, but Chris Brown is at least beginning to at least say some of the right things. In a wide-ranging interview with Ryan Seacrest, Breezy was asked about the fallout from his 2009 assault of Rihanna, and the singer admitted to being arrogant, immature and angry. “Being at that young age, I can tell you I was arrogant, I was definitely hotheaded,” he told Seacrest. “Everybody has a temper, but I think for me, it was me not knowing how to control it when I thought I had the world in my hands […] I learned from certain mistakes, I’m getting better as days come.”

Brown said the Rihanna incident showed him how quickly you can “lose it all,” and by that he meant not just the fame, but also “dignity, integrity.” (Clearly, two things Breezy knows so much about.) “I tried my best to be the best man I could be,” he continued, “to show [Rihanna] how remorseful and sorry I was over the incident […] Being that she has [forgiven me], she’s a wonderful person, and I’m eternally grateful.” Now, obviously, saying you have matured and shown remorse doesn’t mean a thing, but! He’s at least willing to admit that he was acting like a truly repugnant person back then. So that’s a start!

One thing Breezy didn’t talk about, though, was the Frank Ocean brawl, an incident which is not particularly illustrative of a person who has matured and learned to stop being a hothead, but hey, his recent interviews would at least suggest that Brown is maybe, POSSIBLY, beginning to realize the err of his ways? Or, ya know, it’s possible he’s just trying to seem more palatable, to butter up the public so they’ll buy more copies of his next album, X. Listen to the full interview below and see where you fall on the issue.

Other highlights from the Q&A:

On his collaboration with Jennifer Lopez: “I’m trying to get her on my album, I have a couple songs that would be incredible for her to feature on. But as for now, I’m just in the studio writing for her album and collaborating on new stuff and trying to give her some party music and fun stuff.”

On that little tiff with the parking lot valet from a few weeks ago: Brown was quick to point out that it happened at a charity event and that he’s “a great tipper.” Breezy says that he tipped the guy $100, which is why he was so mad when the man then asked him for more money. Conveniently, that part is not in the video.

On social media: “I’m not as hands-on as I used to be. I totally deleted my Instagram. I get on Twitter every now and then just to touch base with my fans.”