Ariana Grande Releases Very Good Single “The Way,” Goes To #1 On iTunes

Sam Lansky | March 27, 2013 7:39 am

Teenage songbird Ariana Grande, who is apparently known for her role on a show called Victorious and had a single last year called “Put Your Hearts Up,” has dropped a pretty great pop track called “The Way,” which is about as good as a song by that title can be if it’s not a Fastball cover. (We kid — it’s really good.)

Mostly, “The Way” sounds like the Mariah Carey comeback single that we were craving when we were instead handed down the execrable “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)”: A chilly urban groove trails high, sweet vocals; it feels soulful but not too nostalgic and grown-up but not overly mature. Rapper Mac Miller‘s spot on the track is a little perfunctory, but that’s not too major a complaint. 

And upon its release, the track quickly sped up to the #1 spot on iTunes, which is great! Good for Ariana Grande and hopefully, maybe, that will translate into some radio play, since the song certainly sounds like a radio hit.

Watch the lyric video up top.