‘American Idol’: OneRepublic & Katharine McPhee Do “If I Lose Myself,” Devin Velez Goes Home

Lisa Timmons | March 29, 2013 5:25 am

After Thurday’s result show, only seven contestants were still in the running on American Idol Wednesday night’s performances were somewhat surprising, with Lazaro Arbos putting on a decent show in contrast to Angie Miller‘s less than impressive appearance.

Because the contestants already got the performances out of the way on Wednesday, Fox filled up the hour on Thursday with guests and dragged out the voting results for what seemed like an eternity. However, my dear, sweet Keith Urban hit the stage, which made it all worth it.

And let the games begin!

Mariah Carey is mellow in yellow and Nicki Minaj is looking sleek in a black ensemble, complete with black leather pants.

The show kicks off with a group performance of Bob Seger‘s “Old Time Rock And Roll,” in keeping with the spirit of Motown week (or at least the spirit of artists hailing from Detroit). It’s pretty boring. I will note, however, how glamorous my girl, Kree Harrison, looks with her hair straightened. Also, Lazaro is keeping it interesting in the style department with a gold bow tie, white suspenders and a white undershirt with what look like tropical birds printed on the shoulders.

Ryan Seacrest takes a moment to remind us that Ford is sponsoring this season of American Idol. The eight contestants drive Ford Fiestas to teach singing to some kids. It’s pretty cheesy, but at least the kids are cute. The contestants collectively teach the kids “Home,” reminding America that Phillip Phillips had a hit with that one. See? The show is still relevant, guys!

Quick montage to recap how everyone did Wednesday night, with Jimmy Iovine giving us a play-by-play, complete with the bizarre eye blinks. For a more detailed review, check out my recap from that night.

Back to the contestants, sitting on stage and waiting to hear results. Kree receives a special message from one Miss Aretha Franklin saying that she thought Kree did a great job with her song the previous night. Kree is moved to tears. She really is the best.

Colton Dixon, Season 11 contestant, has returned to the Idol stage with his complicated haircut to perform “Love Has Come For Me.” It’s not my cup of tea, but good for him. The next performance is OneRepublic singing “If I Lose Myself” with onetime Idol runner up, Katharine McPhee. The band’s new album Native dropped this week. Katharine is doing her best rock chick impersonation in an all-black outfit. It’s a real “smash.” Get it? Sorry, I don’t have that much to work with here.

Finally, Keith takes to the stage to perform “Long Hot Summer.” Between his beat-up guitar and goofy shoulder dances, I’m a smitten kitten. Although, I do have to say, the guy with the double fret guitars is the dark horse scene stealer. But then Keith has a guitar solo and I am in love again. Mimi feels the same way, holding up a sign that says “#1 Keith Fan.” She is ready to show him her boobs.

Now, back to the contestants. The first person to learn they’re safe is Kree “I’m Winning This Bitches” Harrison. Number two is Candice Glover. No surprises so far tonight. Janelle Arthur discovers that she is number three. I’m having flashbacks to when Amber Holcomb was in the bottom three and I’m starting to hyperventilate. What is wrong with America? Number four is Angie Miller and I am starting to contemplate punching through my TV screen.

Finally, America gets it right and Baby Whitney, Amber Holcomb is safe. Unsurprisingly, it’s the boys who are in the bottom three. Mariah tells us that whatever the outcome will be, it won’t be unanimous. Burnell Taylor discovers that he is safe. I agree. He then dougies himself over to the girls. See, America? You made the right choice.

After a tense moment, Devin Velez finds out that he has to sing for a potential save. He choice of song is “It’s Impossible” and Mariah ever so gently wipes a tear from her cheeks. When he launches into the Spanish, the crowd goes wild. Mimi is killing me with her faux fighting to keep it together through her tears.

Despite the cheers from the crowd, Randy Jackson breaks the sad news to Devin that he didn’t get the save. We get a cute goodbye montage and bid Mr. Velez adieu.