Blake Shelton & Jimmy Fallon Cluck The Lumineers’ “Ho Hey”…Dressed As Chickens

Robbie Daw | March 29, 2013 8:18 am

If we’re going to be subjected to NBC’s cross-promotion of its shows on the tube, then, by god, let it by done by having The Voice‘s Blake Shelton and Late Night‘s Jimmy Fallon suit up in chicken costumes and clucking out a rendition of The Lumineers‘ current radio staple “Ho Hey.” As The Chickeneers (hey, it’s almost Easter — why the hell not?), they were joined in their fine-feathered display by Parks And Recreations Nick Offerman, who underscored his own multi-talented status elsewhere in the Late Night episode by breakdancing.

Who knows — maybe if Shelton donned the chicken get-up more often on air, he might be able to land singers for his Season 4 Voice team a bit more easily. Watch the clucking awesome clip above.

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