Cassie Teases New Single “Numb” Featuring Rick Ross: Watch

Sam Lansky | March 29, 2013 9:51 am

Alright, so maybe “King of Hearts” didn’t quite take off in the way that we all imagined it would (global dance smash!), and maybe it’s now been a full seven years since Cassie released an album, but, well, we just can’t give up on her. We won’t. And so when Cassie drops the teaser for a new song and a new video, we say, “How high?” (Or whatever the expression is.) It’s just how it works.

That brings us to “Numb,” the first single from Cassie’s upcoming mixtape RockaByeBaby, which drops April 11; the track sounds haunting and eerie and minimalist and a little bit trippy and it features Rick Ross and the credits at the end say “Bad Boy/Interscope,” so apparently she’s still on a label! All of which is good news, as far as we’re concerned. But then, Cassie is always good news.

Watch the teaser up top.

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