Whatcha Say: Christina Aguilera, ‘The Voice’ and ‘American Idol’ Got Our Readers Talking

Bradley Stern | March 29, 2013 5:30 pm

It was a wild ‘n’ crazy week in pop — and most of the action was televised: From Lotus legend Christina Aguilera and Mr. Worldwide Pitbull‘s mini-me performance of “Feel This Moment” at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, to the premiere of The Voice‘s Season 4, to Katharine McPhee‘s return to the American Idol stage with OneRepublic, y’all were on fire with the sassy sweetness (but mostly, the sass.)

Check out some of the best comments of the week below.

:: When we asked you what Christina Aguilera was SAY!-ing to Pitbull during their Teen Choice Awards performance last week, Carolyn Parker gave us a winning Caption This response that rubbed us the right way: “Heeee-eyyy. Is that a Genie in Your Bottle?”

:: Stew was very much here for the new judges on The Voice — well, at least Shakira on ‘The Voice’: What To Expect From Shakira, Usher, Blake Shelton And Adam Levine In Season 4: “The new judges are upgrades, at least at this selection part. I think I could happily watch Shakira opening her mail for an hour, though. Whatever she wants to do.”

:: While HELLO turned down the love and up the snark: “Now I can watch the show since Christina Aguilera isn’t on.”

:: On Ashanti’s “Never Should Have”: Listen To Her Actually Really Great New Single, AXG didn’t just feel the love for Ashanti’s new single — but for us, too! “I agree like it, and can I just state that I REALLY like the writing on this website. Kudos!”

:: woodroad34 felt Emeli Sande‘s new single was appropriately timed with this week’s marriage equality debate in the Supreme Court on Emeli Sande’s “Here It Comes”: Hear The Gorgeous, Dreamy Track: “This has anthem written all over it. Just in time for tomorrow.”

:: Ethan Barber is sick and tired of seeing shirtless pictures of Justin Bieber on Facebook: “Dear Idolator, please stop posting pictures of this topless woman! It’s so nauseating!”

:: Iah wasn’t feeling the McPheever after Kat McPhee’s appearance on Idol on ‘American Idol’: OneRepublic & Katharine McPhee Do “If I Lose Myself,” Devin Velez Goes Home: “Evidently Katherine, One Republic, nor Keith Urban was enough to get top ratings for the night. Not surprised. Keith is boring, One Republic’s new music sounds like their old music and Katherine McPhee has never been good.”

:: And she wasn’t the only one. Connie added: “I thought Katherine looked lost and I didn’t think it was a great performance,” while Nikki went sartorial: “Excuse me, but what in the hell is Katharine McPhee wearing? Awful. Awful. Awful.”

:: When we asked what you thought of Chris Brown‘s new single being called “Fine China,” Kate Elizabeth was quick to bring the sass on Facebook: “I think it’s his way of saying he’s a mediocre lyricist.”

:: And finally, when Skylar Grey herself saw the photo we took when she stopped by Idolator HQ, she had to react on Twitter: “Ugh I look so trashy. Love it.”

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