Jonas Brothers’ “Pom Poms” Video: Show Your School Spirit

Carl Williott | April 1, 2013 8:42 am

What’s the opposite of an April Fools’ prank? Does that have a name? Regardless, that’s the scenario here, as Jonas Brothers “Pom Poms” video has leaked a couple days early (the clip was originally supposed to premiere April 2 on E!). The whole thing certainly delivers on the promise of marching bands and cheerleaders, not to mention the mascot heads and a big dance-off.

And while the clip isn’t racy by any means, it’s pretty saucy for the JoBros. They’re grown up now, even though they’re singing about pom poms, that staple of school spirit. But why they want you to put down the pom poms, that’s the grown-up part. And the thing about drinking a woman’s whole milkshake, probably. Check out the dance-heavy video up top.

As for the song, which is off their forthcoming fifth album, it’s equal parts cheeky and soulful, and Kevin’s got a cool little surf-rock riff during the chorus. Things we were definitely not expecting: that playground chant breakdown, and that key change.

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