Remember La Roux? They’re Back!: Watch Elly Jackson Perform 4 New Songs

Carl Williott | April 2, 2013 2:54 pm

Last we heard from La Roux, she/they appeared on the Watch the Throne cut “That’s My Bitch,” which emerged way back in November 2010. Around the same time, singer Elly Jackson said she’d be ditching the ’80s-indebted synth pop of her debut: “I don’t want to make synth music for the rest of my fucking life[…] The whole genre is so over. It was my thing and I’m bored with it.” Well, the ’80s synth revival is still going strong (see, for example, Chvrches), and even better, Elly apparently had a change of heart!

La Roux performed an intimate show in Brighton, UK last night (April 1) and unveiled four new tunes — “Uptight Downtown,” “Kiss and Not Tell,” “Sexotheque” and “Tropical Chancer” — and the songs certainly mine similar neon’80s territory as the duo’s prior material. But based on these arrangements, the new stuff is leaner, less pulsating sheen and more squiggly funk. Basically, it sounds like Elly’s been listening to some Tom Tom Club, and this is a good thing.

Check out the island-tinged “Tropical Chancer” up top, and head below for video of the other three songs, so you can sing along when you see the red-coiffed electro-popper at Coachella later this month.


“Kiss & Not Tell”

“Uptight Downtown”

[via Popjustice]

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