Avril Lavigne Unveils “Here’s To Never Growing Up” Single Artwork & Release Date

Sam Lansky | April 3, 2013 7:39 am

There are many things to love about Avril Lavigne — her catalogue of dizzyingly great pop-rock hits, her engagement to Chad Kroeger, the reality that she appears to buy her clothes at Hot Topic — but our favorite quality of Lavigne’s might be her stubborn refusal to behave like an adult, despite the fact that she’s, um, 28 years old.

Case in point: The cover artwork for her upcoming single “Here’s To Never Growing Up” (on titular merit alone, that serves as a tidy encapsulation of her entire ethos, doesn’t it?), which sees Lavigne rocking smudged heavy eye makeup, a bold red lip and sex hair — nude, covered only by a teddy bear. Never change, Avril. Never change.

According to an additional promotional photo, she’s due to debut the single when she stops by On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Monday, April 9; the single will be available on iTunes that same day.

Professional rocker indeed. Listen to a snippet below.

Avril Lavigne — “Here’s To Never Growing Up” (Preview)

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