One Direction’s ‘This Is Us’ To Feature “Tons Of Genuine Moments,” Plenty Of Shirtless Scenes

Carl Williott | April 3, 2013 8:39 am

One Direction‘s 3D concert film extravaganza, This Is Us, is smack in the middle of filming, but one thing we already know: the guys of 1D are looking to take the shirtless pop star title from reigning champion Justin Bieber. Director Morgan Spurlock revealed that and some other tidbits about the movie during a Twitter Q&A with Directioners earlier today (April 3).

Spurlock said during the past four months with 1D, he has learned the guys are “free spirits.” And as is customary for such people, they see clothes as nothing but spiritual shackles, which led to “more shirtless moments than you can imagine.” Spurlock went on to promise he has captured “tons of genuine moments with them outside of tour life,” and that the five members even did some of the filming themselves. Read on to see what else Spurlock said we can expect in the film.