Charli XCX’s “What I Like” Video: Come To Her Hotel

Carl Williott | April 3, 2013 9:20 am

Charli XCX has dropped another playful video, this time for her True Romance single “What I Like.” The British singer told Noisey the “cute bedroom jam” is her fantasy “about living by the beach with someone and just falling in love,” and the video aimed for that version of relaxed fun.

The clip was directed by her roommate Ryan Andrews, who has done her prior videos and mastered the VHSxGIF vibe in the process. It was shot in a rented hotel room, and co-stars her two friends, a dog (sorry, cat, you had your one shot) and the most delivery-looking delivery pizza ever. Check it out up top.

Charli’s debut album True Romance is out April 16.