Rihanna’s ‘777 Tour’ Documentary: Watch The Teaser

Sam Lansky | April 4, 2013 5:45 am

Hey, remember when Rihanna held a group of journalists hostage on a plane for a week traveling the world and it turned out to be a complete fiasco? Of course! It was unforgettable. #UNFORGETTABLE and #UNALOPOGETIC. (Idolator had an editor on the plane, so feel free to refresh your memory with his sort-of grueling, Peabody-worthy coverage.)

The entire tour was shot for a documentary (titled, unpedantically, 777 Tour), and now the first official teaser for that upcoming doc, which will premiere on FOX on Monday, May 6, has been tossed online. There’s not much to see — mostly just shots of a plane and Rihanna’s face — but it’s probably more than enough to pique the interest of Rihanna stans eager to learn more about what it’s like to travel with their captain, and it’s definitely enough to retraumatize the journalists who are only just now beginning to sort through their PTSD. 

Watch the teaser up top.

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