Beyonce’s “Grown Woman”: Hear The New Song In Bey’s “Mirrors” Pepsi Commercial

Sam Lansky | April 4, 2013 6:00 am

There’s this weird phenomenon with Beyonce (for these purposes, let’s just call it “The Beyonce Effect”) where whenever Beyonce does anything, we’re interested: It doesn’t matter how mundane; it doesn’t matter how ultimately disappointing the end result; it doesn’t matter how spectacular the anticlimax. The Beyonce Effect means that you’ll watch it anyway. We all will. That’s how Beyonce works.

That said, Bey delivers in her new clip, which turns out to be a minute-long promotional spot for her deal with Pepsi. Sonically, the new track (produced by Timbaland and titled “Grown Woman”) promises to be pretty major. A rattling Bhangra-style beat and swaggering verses (“I walk with a vengeance,” she sings) leads into what sounds like an explosive chorus, culminating with Bey wailing, “I’m a grown woman!”

Visually, it’s also effective — or at least, effective enough: After getting vitalized by drinking a Pepsi (which is how it works — it’s nutrition and science!), Bey looks in the mirror and sees all the other various Beyonces from her career: “Crazy In Love” Beyonce! “Single Ladies” Beyonce! She dances with them; they dance back. It performs the nifty trick of promoting Pepsi but mostly promoting Beyonce’s legacy, which just feels, well, right, somehow — even if the ultimate impression is that Pepsi induces psychosis.

But mostly, even though we wanted something a little more spectacular, we’re still going to be watching it all day. It’s the Beyonce Effect.

“Grown Woman” hits digital retailers Monday, April 8.

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