Beyonce Goes Behind The Scenes Of Her “Mirrors” Pepsi Commercial: Watch

Sam Lansky | April 5, 2013 6:31 am

In her quest to become the only relevant artist in music right now (and she’s killing it), Beyonce dropped a Pepsi commercial, including audio from a new single titled “Grown Woman” yesterday — and now, she’s taking us behind the scenes of that Pepsi spot. See — it’s all about Pepsi! (And Beyonce, but mostly, it’s about Pepsi. The only time it’s not about Beyonce is when it’s about Pepsi.)

Pepsi: The refreshing cola that you guzzle while taking a break from your rigorous choreography, taut abdomen flexing as you suck down that sweet, sugary goodness. Nutrition! It’s magic, isn’t it?

At any rate, it’s nice to hear from the people in Bey’s creative team, and a bit from Beyonce herself, about the process of putting the video together — and most significantly, her creative director reveals that Bey made them scrap all the choreographic “vibes” and start over. Guess that’s how you get to the top.

Watch now — but first, grab a Pepsi.

[via Rap-Up]