Will.i.am Unveils New ‘#willpower’ Cover Artwork

Sam Lansky | April 5, 2013 7:16 am

Will.i.am‘s upcoming collab-filled LP #willpower has gone through so many incarnations, it’s hard to believe it’s even still happening! But no, the propagator of suburban club-pop is releasing that record come hell or high water — and now he’s unveiled a brand-new album cover, replacing the white one (which had the back of his head featured) with a different visual that’s very, um, orange.

Orange! How very orange it is, and how weird, really, the shape of his hair against that bright orange background. It looks like the kind of thing that’s going to seem very sad and dated in a few years, when futuristic haircuts and hashtags have all gone by the wayside, and we’ll look back on it and say, “Hey, remember when that dude had an album called ‘Hashtag Willpower’?” and the total goofiness of that phonetic pronunciation will make us laugh as we remember, a little bit wistfully, what that was like, when #hashtags ruled the #earth.

But that’s still a few years away, so until then, feast your eyes upon this most glorious cover artwork. #willpower drops April 19.

[via Popjustice]