Muse Brings “Madness,” A Power Outage To NCAA’s Final Four Block Party: Watch

Christina Lee | April 7, 2013 12:00 pm

Prior to the April 6 NCAA Final Four match, Muse performed The 2nd Law single “Madness” to a crowd gathered at Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park. While the song’s official video featured armed police, frontman Matt Bellamy kept the mood light as he leaned in toward the camera, showing off his lyric-displaying sunglasses.

While Muse performed “Madness” early on, a mix board generator lost power as the band performed “Follow Me,” resulting in 15 minutes of silence. Watch Muse’s “Madness” up top, and then after the jump, see the band wandering aimlessly during the power outage.

(Note: When all else fails, Atlanta spectators sing the Braves war chant.)